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For many adults and children, going to the dentist can seem scary. At Portale Dental in Ridgefield, New Jersey, Dr. Joseph Portale, and his expert hygienists employ sedation dentistry to help make patients feel more comfortable during their dental procedures. Sedation dentistry can help those who are afraid by allowing them to be asleep for many different types of dental treatments and procedures. Call today or schedule your appointment using the online booking feature.

Sedation Dentistry

What is Sedation Dentistry?

The use of dental IV sedation, also known as sedation dentistry, is a helpful option for individuals who are fearful or nervous about visiting the dentist’s office. Frequently, sedation dentistry is utilized to help special needs children, children who are very scared, and adults who have a phobia of the dentist. The idea is that when these patients are allowed to be asleep during the procedures, they will be more relaxed and heal better because they are not as stressed at the time. There are different levels of sedation available:

  • Minimal (awake but relaxed)
  • Moderate (slurring words is possible, but won’t remember the procedure)
  • Deep- edge of consciousness, can be awakened
  • General anesthesia- completely unconscious

IV sedation is often available to assist patients to become unconscious quicker and the level of sedation can be adjusted throughout the procedure. A trained anesthesiologist will administer general and IV anesthesia.

Who Can Undergo Sedation at the Dentist?

Adults and children who have real fear or anxiety which is keeping them from going to the dentist or from having successful treatments are good candidates for sedation dentistry. It is best for those who:

  • Are uncomfortably nervous or scared
  • Have sensitive teeth
  • Have a sensitive gag reflex
  • Have a low pain tolerance
  • Can’t sit still
  • Need a large amount of work done

What Can I Expect with Sedation Dentistry?

With conscious sedation, most patients describe feeling as though they have “slept” through the appointment. Those who have had nitrous oxide sedation often compare it to feeling like they are “floating” or to having had a few glasses of wine. The oral sedatives have a similar effect, depending on the type of pill and dosage. All three sedation methods will allow you to communicate with Dr. Portale during the procedure. Throughout the appointment, your doctor will closely monitor your vital signs and overall comfort level.

If you are sedated you will need someone to bring you to our office on the day of your appointment. Also, you MUST make sure you have someone to take you home afterward.

Is the Process Safe?

Since our office uses the most advanced sedation options and has been specially trained to administer sedation, it is a very safe. There is always a risk when using anesthesia however, our experienced staff is more than competent at administering sedation. Prior to the procedure, the dentist will go over the patient’s medical history to ensure that any special measures are taken. The doctor will also pick the type of sedation and the dosage which is suitable for the particular age and health of the patient.

How Do I Know Sedation Dentistry is Right for Me?

Talking with your dentist is the first step in deciding if sedation dentistry is for you. Whether you are afraid of needles, have trouble getting numb, or are simply anxious when it comes to dental work, you and your dentist can discuss your individual case and options.

There is no reason to put off your dental work – all it takes is a phone call to get the dental care you need. Call today or book an appointment online.

To learn more about sedation dentistry, please click to view our video with more information.