Do You Really Feel Fine?

We Americans are funny people. We know everything about everything, but we like to do what we please in spite of the knowledge. For instance, everyone knows smoking is bad, but many still smoke. "I'm fine; it's too hard to quit!" We hear it all the time. But when the doctor finds a "spot," suddenly we become the perfect patient and throw away the packs cold turkey ... CONTINUE READING

Stress and the Health of Your Teeth

Stress affects us in many different ways, such as physically and emotionally, but it can also take a significant toll on our teeth ... CONTINUE READING

Wants vs. Needs

Here is something we can all agree on: We usually buy what we want, not always what we need. Needs are lower on the totem pole of value-driven decisions than wants. We all can relate to an example of this. Recently been in the market for a car because the old one made a funny noise? Felt drawn to the "ultimate driving experience" when a used Chevy ride would do? You're not alone. Whether it's ... CONTINUE READING

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