Restorative Oral Health Care: Composite Dental Fillings

Do you know what a composite filling is? Composite fillings, also commonly known as tooth-colored fillings, are highly desirable cosmetic restoration treatments designed to fill in cavities that may be present in a tooth. When your tooth enamel is slowly worn down, or the chewing surfaces of teeth have become exposed, a hole in your tooth enamel will form known as a cavity. To effectively treat cavities, composite dental fillings can be used.

Composite fillings are very popular in situations when a very small cavity exists that would otherwise go untreated. These fillings can fill in small cavities and can even help seal the margins better than other dental filling treatments. Composite fillings can help prevent leakage as well. Furthermore, these dental fillings can last between seven to ten years and are extremely preventative to tooth fracture. If for any reason your composite filling fails, it will not need to be removed, but instead, a new one can be placed directly on the top of the existing one. Due to the fact that these fillings are tooth-colored in appearance, they can be used in situations where you wish for a discreet filling to be placed that will blend in with the natural color of your teeth.

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