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What You Should Know about Dental Implant Retreatment

Dr. Portale Feb 25, 2018

At Portale Dental, Dr. Joseph J. Portale provides dental implant retreatment for patients who previously experienced implant failure.

How Much Does Invisalign® Cost?

Dr. Portale Jan 25, 2018

Cosmetic dentist Joseph J. Portale discusses the cost of Invisalign® clear orthodontics treatment.

Exploring Porcelain Veneers Cost

Dr. Portale Dec 25, 2017

At Portale Dental, Dr. Joseph Portale discusses porcelain veneers cost and what factors can affect treatment pricing.

Implant-Supported Dentures: Treatments for Missing Teeth

Dr. Portale Nov 25, 2017

Full and partial dentures supported by dental implants are securely fixed in place. Cosmetic and restorative dentist Joseph J. Portale considered the benefits of this…

Dental Implants Cost

Dr. Portale Oct 25, 2017

At Portale Dental, Dr. Joseph J. Portale discusses the average cost of dental implants with patients.

Pleasant Dreams Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Portale Oct 11, 2017

How sedation can benefit a patient with dental anxiety.

Tooth Erosion Treatments: Restoring Strength and Beauty to Your Smile

Dec 30, 2014

Acidic dental erosion occurs when the enamel of a tooth is weakened by increased acidity in oral pH. Treatment options generally involve restorative dentistry.

Keeping the Teeth Healthy to Prevent Root Canal Infections

Dec 1, 2014

Patients of Dr. Joseph J. Portale can learn helpful tips for preventing and treating root canal infections.

The Importance of Dental Exams and Cleanings

Oct 30, 2014

Dental exams and cleanings are a vital part of the general dentistry care that is provided by Dr. Joseph J. Portale.

Porcelain Veneers Replacement: What Patients Should Understand

Sep 30, 2014

Porcelain dental veneers will need to be replaced after several years due to wear, tear, and injury. Here is what cosmetic dentistry patients can expect.

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